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1.3 Detailed visitation conditions

            • Visitors’ conduct: The visitors are expected to respect the Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve code, prepared upon the legislation and published in the nature reserve and particularly at its web site. They should also respect all the signaling within the reserve as well as instructions of the staff.
            • Guided tours: Guided visitation is obligatory for the groups of over ten visitors and for all school and other formal educational groups regardless the number of participants. Guided tours include guiding along the trail and interpretation of nature reserve features. Prior reservation of the guided tour date and time is necessary (through web site, e-mail or phone). The guided tours are carried out by reserve manager upon payment. Different guided tours are offered based on educational and other programmes and using visitor facilities and didactical materials, aiming at nature conservation awareness-raising, education on respectful attitude as well as responsible behavior towards nature. Also common tours with providers of similar or supplementary services can be prepared. The guided tours together with prices and visitation conditions must be published at the reserve web site and visible place in the nature reserve. Under same conditions, including prior reservation, implementation by the reserve manager, and upon payment, guided tours are also available to smaller groups and individual visitors.
            • Recommended visitation: DThe manager recommends the visitation to follow the nature reserve goals and thus allow the visitors to get to know the nature and biodiversity of the site and to experience nature in a way, that focuses on nature as a value and aims at raising respectful attitude and responsible behavior towards nature. Examples of the recommended visitation upon the condition that they meet the conservation regimes and other visitation conditions are as follows:
            • a.guided tours, focused on the reserve conservation goals and designed and implemented by the reserve manager,
              b. observation of the animal and plant species as well as habitats,
              c. nature photography,
              d. quiet walks along the trails,
              e. recreation (such as jogging or nordic walking) at hours, determined by the reserve manager, when this type of visitation is not disturbing other visitors.

            • Visitation activities, which are not allowed: The Decree on Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve defines the visitation activities which are not allowed in the nature reserve (listed in article 6 or those which are against articles 17, 18 and 19 or conservation regimes, reserve goals or visitation conditions, as defined in Management Plan). Some examples:
            • a. all types of visitation outside the reserve opening hours or in periods, when animals need more peace, or in a way which can result in the damage or disturbance to wildlife or other visitors,
              b. bathing, diving and other water sports, including side activities such as sunbathing,
              c. making fire, camping or sleeping in a car, parked in the nature reserve,
              d. visitation with dogs or other pets, left from the lead or on long lead, which enables them a direct contact with the wildlife along the trails,
              e. walking outside visitor trails and visitor facilities (visitor centre, observatories, observation plateaus and other areas within the reserve, marked for visitation),
              f. feeding the animals and physical contact with grazing animals and wildlife unless explicitly allowed by the reserve manager,
              g. recreation at hours, defined for guided tours and quiet types of visitation, focused on experiencing nature.

            • Other visitation, which can negatively impact the nature reserve: In cases of visitation activities, which are not explicitly tackled by this plan, the person who carries them out has to follow the paragraph 4 of article 6 of the Decree. Planned actitivities have to be declared to the reserve manager to evaluate their consistency with the management plan not later then 15 days before they are planned to be carried out, and the manager replies according to the paragraph 5 of the same article. Upon the evaluation the manager adds the new activities to the published list of allowed or non-allowed activities, and it is binding for the further visitation. In the same way also the list of non-allowed visitation is supplemented with such new activities which were not declared to the manager.

            Non-allowed visitation is treated as an offence upon lines 20 and 21 or the Paragraph 1 of Article 160.a of the Nature Conservation act (Official Journal, no. 56/99 et al).