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1.1 Entrance points and visitation areas

The entrance to Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve is at the three entrance points:

  1. main entrance at Bertoška bonifika area, which is suitable for the access by vehicles and bicycles (to the parking) and for the pedestrians;
  2. 2. two entrances to the trail from the direction of the centre of Koper, where only pedestrians are allowed to enter the reserve.

At the first entrance point from the centre of Koper, the road with pavement hasn’t been constructed yet. Until the finalisation of the construction, the entrance to the trail is therefore only possible at the second entrance point (as shown on the map).

The visitors are not allowed to enter the reserve at any other place along the reserve boarder. The visitation is not permitted out of the opening hours, as well as not in the ways, which are not foreseen by the reserve legislation. Parking of the vehicle at the reserve parking is allowed only for the time of the visit to the reserve.

When within the reserve, the visitors are expected not to move outside the trails and visitor facilities. In cases when part of the reserve is temporarily closed, the visitors respect the instructions given by the staff and don’t enter this area. As for the direction of the visitation, the visitors are expected to respect the direction signs in the reserve.