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Visitation conditions

The visitation of Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve is aimed at learning about and experiencing nature. To make sure every visitor has a pleasant experience and that there are no negative visitation impacts on nature at the same time, everyone has to adjust his or her behavior to the well-being of the protected species. That’s why quiet visitation and nature experience is encouraged by the reserve manager, such as bird- or nature-watching, nature photography, quiet walks and guided tours.

The entrance to the reserve is at the entrance points and is limited to the opening hours. The entrance for the individual visitors is free of charge, while the groups can only visit the area on guided tours, carried out by the reserve manager (upon prior reservation and payment). Nature reserve code has to be respected during visitation, as well as the instructions of the staff.

Quiet visitation hours were specially designed for the purpose of quiet visits. Recreation in the reserve, jogging mainly, has become very popular in the past. As all the visitor activities cannot take place at the same time in such a small area, the recreation hours were introduced to limit the recreation use to designated time of the day.