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Basic information


122 hectares


Nature reserve from 1998 upon Act on Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve, adopted by the Slovenian Parliament (Official Journal of RS, no. 20/98)
Ecologically important area upon Decree on sites of special ecological (Official Journal of RS, no. 48/2004) – no.: 77600
Natura 2000 site – Special Protected Area (SPA) upon Decree on Natura 2000 sites (Official Journal of RS, no. 49/2004) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC) upon the up-date of the same Decree published in Official Journal of RS, no. 8/2012
Natural value – geomorphologic, hydrologic, botanic, zoologic and ecosystem value upon the national Regulation on establishing and conservation of natural values (Official Journal of RS, no. 111/2004)

Managed by:

DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia (from 1999 on)
Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve
Sermin 50
6000 Koper
Tel. +386 5 6260 370
E-mail: skocjanski@skocjanski-zatok.org
Web: www.skocjanski-zatok.org, www.ptice.si


Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation
Trg Etbina Kristana 1, 6310 Izola
Web: www.zrsvn.si