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Results in outcomes

PHASE 1: A public architecture competition for a design of reserve visitor facilities, including the preparation of investment documentation and blue-prints for permit and construction

The program of the future visitor centre and other facilities was prepared by the reserve manager and served as a program background for the design competitors. The competition was carried out by DOPPS and Slovenian Chamber of Arhitecture and Spatial Planning in 2005. Seven competitors sent their design elaborates and the jury selected the winner, who was sub-contracted to prepare the blue-prints and documentation for permit. The reserve manager also prepared the Interpretation plan for the nature reserve and its facilities, aiming to develop the facilities and their equipment.

PHASE 2: Equipment of visitors’ trail and landscape of the area for visitors (planting of shrubs, assuring functionality of the observation points, equiping the trail for the groups with special needs, fencing for grazing livestock)

The wooden screening walls with small observation windows, footbridge and benches were constructed on the 5 observation points along the visitors trail and the termophile shrubs were planted as part of the planned habitats and landscape while at the same time preventing the visitors to enter the protected habitats. The freshwater part of the reserve was fenced to prevent the escapes of the grazing animals to the trail and the visitors areas.

Visitors trail at Bertoška bonifika is fitted to allow visitors a quality nature experience and relaxation and significantly contribute to meeting their needs, and overcoming obstacles.