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Project activities

Project activities are divided into six work packages, as follows:

  1. Project coordination and management, carried out by partners (project team) as well as Management and Scientific Boards.
  2. The monitoring and biodiversity conservation program, based on common methods, tools and protocols for monitoring  of habitats and species in the project areas, followed by the preparation of a web portal for public presentation of the data.
  3. The joint program for the comprehensive and sustainable management of protected areas, based on an analysis of development opportunities in areas and on the definition and organization of joint models of advanced management of the areas and their sustainable development.
  4. Education, awareness raising and joint promotion will be based on the preparation and implementation of joint educational program on the basis of content-rich and diverse topics of involved Natura 2000 sites, preparation of education materials, exhibitions and interpretation.
  5. New ways of local participation for sustainable development of Natura 2000 sites will be developed through the promotion of social and environmental provisions in the public administration, local businesses and by expanding the use of renewable energy sources in the areas involved.
  6. Communication activities of the project will be based in a communication plan and will focus mainly on strategic and operational communication with the institutions, and also on the general public. The results achieved with the communication plan will be reviewed and evaluated.