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Project activities

The project activities were divided into two project phases:

PHASE 1: A public architecture competition for the design of reserve visitor facilities, including the preparation of investment documentation and blue-prints for permit and construction included the main activities as follows:

  1. preparation of the visitor centre program and public tender for competitors
  2. implementation of the public competition for the design of the reserve visitor facilities
  3. preparation of the interpretation plan

PHASE 2: Equipment of visitors’ trail and landscape of the area for visitors (planting of shrubs, assuring functionality of the observation points, equiping the trail for the groups with special needs, fencing for grazing livestock) included the main activities as follows:

  1. construction of wooden screening walls with small observation windows, footbridge and benches at 5 observation points along the visitors trail
  2. planting of the termophile shrubs along the trail
  3. fencing of the freshwater grazing habitats to prevent the escapes of the grazing animals to the visitors areas.