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Project activities

PHASE 1: Research and monitoring

The following activities were planned for the preparation of the management guidelines for protected bird species:

  • total count of Scops Owl and Little Owl at Natura 2000 area Kras and ecological research of Ortolan Bunting
  • research of the impact of electricity power grids to the population of Eagle Owl in Natura 2000 site Kras
  • preparation of manual for conservation of dry meadow habitats for birds
  • educational workshops for agriculture advisors
  • brochure about proper management of dry meadows for local communities
  • presentations for farmes and other land-owners
  • grazing experiment to examine the impact of different grazing animal on protected species and habitats

The network of Natura 2000 Caretakers was planned to be established through the following activities:

  • organisation of caretakers network, selection and training of caretakers
  • experimental testing of the first steps in the establishment and operation of the network
  • maintaining of the active network though motivation of the caretakers

PHASE 2: Interpretation

The following activities were foreseen in Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve:

  • planning and preparation of interpretation along the visitors trail
  • interpretation for the visitors with special needs
  • excursions for blind and deaf
  • In IBA Kras the preparation of interpretation boards was foreseen along the existing Pliska trail.

PHASE 3: Education

The following activities were planned:

  • production of Education program for Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve
  • implementation of field classes and lectures for school children, research programs for local schools and camp for young ornitologists
  • didactic preparations, education materials and equipment
  • presentations of the youth research work at local level
  • education games for children

PHASE 4: Marketing and promotion

The following activities were planned:

  • Marketing strategy for Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve
  • production of common promotional brochure of North-Adriatic wetlands and organising the AdriaWet corners in the areas visitors centres
  • exhibition on Natura 2000 areas (SPAs) in Primorska region in Slovene, English and Italian
  • posters and postcards on Natura 2000 species
  • brochure Life Between the Sky and the Earth (presentation of Natura 2000 sites – SPAs in Slovenia) in Slovene, English and Italian
  • presentation and suitable fairs in Italy and UK
  • media work, web page updates etc.