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Pilot Action Video Interviews

During the implementation of IMPRECO pilot action (PA) in Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve, entitled Improving understanding and nature experience of Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve visitors, considering the challenges of a nature reserve in urban setting, the experience of the IMPRECO team and stakeholders as well as the main achieved results were filmed.

The area manager and four Joint Task Force members, nature reserve stakeholders, involved in PA preparatory phases and its implementation, were video interviewed. During video interviews the stakeholders, representing local schools, Koper Municipality, Port of Koper and the PA designer, expressed their collaboration experience and enthusiasm about new management measures and approaches that have been carried out within the pilot action to reduce the visitation pressures to ecosystems and their services. The interviews were enriched with PA and other nature reserve shots. The short PA video, is available in IMPRECO Best Practices Repository.

Video interviews, photo: Bojana Lipej Video interviews, photo: Bojana Lipej