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5th IMPRECO Project Meeting

The 5th project meeting took place in Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve, protected area of our Slovenian partner “DOPPS-BirdLife Slovenia”, from 25th to 26th February 2020.

Due to travel restrictions in Northern Italy some partners could not attend the meeting in Škocjanski zatok NR, instead they attended it online, via Skype sessions.

During the meeting, the representative of Lead Partner (Comune di Staranzano), Massimiliano Pinat , presented the state of art on IMPRECO management, monitoring, reporting, the ADRION Capitalization Process and it’s planning. Next activities and related deadlines were discussed and planned according to the project prolongation till 30th of June 2020.

Slovenian project partner, DOPPS, opened the Pilot Action (PA) session with a guided tour to present the PA results in Škocjanski zatok NR. The tour helped other PPs to understand the management measures and approaches implemented in Škocjanski zatok NR, focused on improving of the understanding of nature reserve and its ecosystem services by the visitors (comic strip and life interpretation, didactical tools and games for better nature experience…). Thereinafter all the pilot actions implemented by other PPs were reported. Both (all day long) meetings finished with a typical dinner in a local restaurant in the surrounding area of the nature reserve.

Photo: Bia Rakar
5. sestanek partnerjev projekta IMPRECO v NR Škocjanski zatok, foto: Bia Rakar